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Health and Safety Auditing

Auditing - We undertake almost any type of health and safety audit... More info...

Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety Training

Fire - most businesses are required by law to carry out a fire risk assessment... More info...

Health and Safety management systems and policies

Management Systems - We create health and safety policies for all types and sizes of business...
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Risk Assessment

Whichever industry you are in, if you employ more than 5 people you are required by law to have written risk assessments for your workplace and activities. But what is a risk assessment? A risk assessment is a considered view of a particular hazard, its severity and how likely an injury is to arise from that hazard.

Sirius Safety Management can carry out a wide variety of risk assessments for your business. Take a look at our list below: Our risk assessments come clearly formatted and are easy to understand.

These are just some of the most popular assessments that we carry out, many more are available. If the particular assessment you require is not listed please contact us.