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Health and Safety Law

Did you know...
he Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires:

Employers to look after the Health, Safety and Welfare of those affected by their undertakings.

Employers must consult with employees on matters regarding health and safety which could affect them.

Employees have a duty to look after themselves and others and to comply with reasonable health and safety requirements such as wearing PPE provided for their safety.

Policy / Management Systems

Whatever industry you are in if your business or organisation employs five or more people you are required to have a written health and safety policy. This broadly outlines the approach and objectives of the organisation with regards to health and safety.

Sirius Safety Management can produce health and safety policies for all types and sizes of business.

If your business has grown into a medium sized organisation then it begins to become valuable to have a health and safety management system. This is a defined set of procedures, policies and processes by which you can manage health and safety. We can help you implement a health and safety management system whether it be based on the Health and Safety Executive's HSG65 or OHSAS 18001.