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Risk Assessment - If you employ more than 5 people you are required by law to have written risk assessments... More info...

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Fire Safety

In October 2006 fire safety law changed, the result of which is that businesses and organisations are now required to carry out a fire risk assessment for their premises and to provide general fire precautions to control the risk of fire.

Sirius Safety Management can undertake fire risk assessments on your behalf and deliver a report detailing what action you should take to make your premises safe and legal.

Fire training is an important part of both protecting your business or organisation from fire by raising awareness and ensuring that your people do the right thing should a fire actually happen.

Our consultants have extensive experience of delivering fire safety courses with hundreds of hours of training completed.

We can provide courses from 45 minutes to a whole day,
carried out at your premises for convenience. All our courses are tailored to be specific to your organisations particular premises and procedures. Courses we offer include: